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Antabuse (disulfiram) is a prescription drug intended for patients diagnosed with chronic alcoholism that are unable to quit. Make sure you do not drink any alcohol, even in the smallest amounts, during the 12 hours before your dose and for at least two weeks after you have stopped the treatment. You need to know that some products such as sauces, vinegars, mouthwashes etc. also contain alcohol and may cause the unwanted effects of Antabuse once you use them. Read the patient information leaflet carefully before starting the treatment. You should know which side effects you can expect. For instance, acne, mild headache, tiredness, metallic taste in the mouth, impotence, drowsiness, and skin rash are not considered to be serious enough to report them to your doctor. However, if the side effects mentioned change in intensity or you develop new ones, such as lack of energy, unusual tiredness, dark urine, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite, upset stomach, and jaundice call your health care provider immediately as these are quite serious and require medical attention. If you have been recently taking any of the following medicines your doctor needs to be informed of that fact in advance to make sure your treatment with Antabuse is efficient and safe for you: alcohol-containing medications, blood thinners, phenytoin, metronidazole, vitamins, amitriptyline, and isoniazid. If you are going to use any of the medicines mentioned above, as well as any supplements of herbal preparations, ask your health care provider if that's possible.

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